Island Coffee

The great delicacies of the world are often as unique for their stories, as for their appeal to the tongue. Such is the case for the whiskies of Scotland, the wines of France, and the coffees of Island Coffee! Island Coffee’s Robert Kramer can tell you some fascinating tales, while roasting a batch of some of the most unique beans you will ever taste. Stories perhaps of the Boyo region in the hills of Cameroon where volcanic soil and humid equatorial winds off the Atlantic have produced both a fabulous bean and a stirring saga of fair and free trade. Kramer was one of the founders of the Farmer’s Cooperative Initiative, a forerunner of many of the fair trade coffee associations that have been established in the last 20 years. Kramer and other industry pioneers were seeking a way to improve the consistency of the Boyo region’s beans, while improving the lives of the farmers who produced the crop. They hit upon a mutually rewarding system wherein farmers were paid directly for their crops while agreeing to process their beans in a uniform manner in order to improve quality and consistency Today Island Coffee is based just outside of Charleston, in Ravenel, South Carolina. Since 1984 they have focused their efforts on producing the freshest, finest roasted beans, at affordable prices. All of their roasted beans are packaged the same day as they are roasted, in special re-sealable bags to ensure freshness Let BetterBeans introduce you to one of America’s finest coffee roasters.

African Safari

Island Coffee’s place in the history of fair trade practices wouldn’t amount to a ‘hill of beans’ if the coffee they sold wasn’t equally memorable, in the cup. To prove our point, the folks at Island Coffee have created a new blend, just for BetterBeans customers – naming it African Safari. African Safari is a rare opportunity for coffee lovers. We know of no other company that offers the three African beans that comprise this blend, let alone blends them together so masterfully. This blend is the culmination of the personal knowledge of African beans that Island Coffee’s roastmaster possesses. Rare Malawi, Tanzanian, and Cameroon beans have each been roasted to a Regular City finish so as to accentuate the aroma, preserve the complexity, and make the most of all three beans’ natural depth and body. Your pleasure will start before you even grind your beans. When you open the bag you will be literally assaulted by this blends perfume-like aroma. Then, once brewed, the perfume is replaced by a new aroma, slightly sweet and berry-like. Your first taste will resonate with a light to medium-bodied black wine flavor, while successive sips will reveal the wild earthy aspects that are so prized in the dry-processed beans of Africa. We can’t emphasize enough what an opportunity this is – only BetterBeans customers will be able to experience this unique flavor profile –and it’s only a mouse click away. One final comment: When your African Safari blend arrives, don’t wait – enjoy it at the peak of its freshness. Then, when the last bean has been brewed, just call Island Coffee and order more.

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