A trunk coffee table is a piece of furniture that has multipurpose function. It is a low table that will add classy look on your living room. The classy look of this coffee table will surely catch anyone’s attention. This coffee table also has a wide variety of designs and styles that will fit anywhere. Trunk coffee table has different kinds such as leather trunk coffee table, tree trunk coffee table, storage trunk coffee table and Steamer trunk coffee table. Importance of trunk coffee table This coffee table is mainly used as storage. Gone were the days where you use plain and dull cabinets to stock otherRead More →

The great delicacies of the world are often as unique for their stories, as for their appeal to the tongue. Such is the case for the whiskies of Scotland, the wines of France, and the coffees of Island Coffee! Island Coffee’s Robert Kramer can tell you some fascinating tales, while roasting a batch of some of the most unique beans you will ever taste. Stories perhaps of the Boyo region in the hills of Cameroon where volcanic soil and humid equatorial winds off the Atlantic have produced both a fabulous bean and a stirring saga of fair and free trade. Kramer was one of theRead More →