Coffee Syrups are here to stay. Look at any real estate material promoting an area to live in and they will invariably use phrases like “enjoy the cosmopolitan cafe lifestyle just outside your front door”. A cafe culture in your neighborhood is seen as aspirational, invoking images of the bygone bohemian coffee houses of Europe. This has led to a huge increase in coffee shops, from large multi-nationals like Starbucks, to individual organic cafes selling Fairtrade coffee blends from around the world. These coffee shops will usually sell intriguingly flavored coffees such as Dark Amaretto Frappucino, Gingerbread Mocha, Raspberry Latte etc. These specialty coffees are flavoredRead More →

As any connoisseur already knows, grinding beans does take a bit more time but, it is well worth the effort. And The burr grinder is considered one of the best ways to grind coffee. Among burr grinders, the conical burr grinder is the best. But what’s the difference between a conical burr grinder and a regular coffee grinder? If you want to drink something special like, for example a Turkish coffee or an espresso, a regular coffee grinder can’t grind finely or evenly enough to get the best result. Because of the two circular shaped steel wheels the bur coffee grinder uses, the speed ofRead More →

In a classic Rhode Island mill, near what most historians suggest are the origins of the American industrial revolution, another revolution of a sort is brewing – literally. Begun at the start of this new millennium, New Harvest Coffee Roasters represent a completely different approach to both coffee, and to the relationship between business owners, workers, and suppliers. In the first decade of the 19th Century children were the labor that powered the new textile mills of colonial America. Working, eating and sleeping in mill villages, these children were entirely at the mercy of the mill owners who could work them as long and payRead More →