How Many Calories are in Almond Latte

Almond latte is one of the beverages that you can prepare at home using almond milk. Millions of people from all across the globe enjoy drink it, and so should you. Unlike other complicated beverages, almond milk is found in plenty in supermarkets and now you can actually purchase it online and it’s not expensive.

Here is a video on how to prepare almond latte like a professional.

One of the primary ingredients that you need to prepare this type of latte is unsweetened almond milk. It can either be plain or vanilla almond mind. There are a number of grocery stores that actually have barista blend of almond milk – it is the best but if you cannot find it using either the plain or vanilla.

The other ingredient that you need is instant coffee or espresso. The instant coffee should be two teaspoons and the espresso just one full shot is enough. If you decide to use instant coffee, you will need to make a solution of it and two tablespoons of boiled water.

The third ingredient that you need, but its optional is a sweetener to add taste. There are some people who won’t take almond latte without a sweetener. And because you want to embrace a healthy lifestyle, consider using coconut sugar.

There are two processes of making a perfect cup of almond latte. Let us look at each method briefly before we dive into the number of calories it has and the health benefits.

Method Number 1: Using a Coffee Machine

This is perhaps one of the easiest and most direct way of preparing almond latte. You start by pouring the almond milk into a bowl or milk froth jug if you have one. Steam the milk using the normal steamer attachment that comes with most coffee machine brands. Wait until a one-inch froth forms at the top then remove it from the heat.

The third and final step is to slowly pour the warm milk over the newly prepared espresso up to the ¾ mark then make it look good by using a spoon to cover the top with the foam.

Method Number 2: Without a Coffee Machine

Well, this is a bit different but still easy. You can actually prepare it within 10 minutes or less depending on your speed. The first step is adding the espresso into a glass or coffee mug. Add the almond milk, be it plain or vanilla or barista, into the microwave glass jar and cover it tightly. Shake the jar forcefully until the amount of solution inside doubles.

Remove the rid and microwave the milk for one minute or until you notice that the foam has risen to the very top of the jar. The final step is using the spoon to prevent the foam on the milk from pouring into the espresso as you drain the milk under into it. Once the coffee mug is ¾ full, use the spoon to scoop the foam and place it on top. ENJOY!

See, its not difficult to prepare a cup of almond latte at home. You can actually surprise your guests or family members with your prowess over the weekend, they will LOVE IT!

How Many Calories are in Almond Latte?

The number of calories is dependent on the amount of Almond latte that you intend to drink. An average cup of this sweet and health beverage contains 44 calories. However, you also need to put into consideration the number of calories in the ingredients.

For instance, 11.81 fl oz of almond milk contains approximately 83 calories while 1.97 oz of espresso contains five calories.

Let us shift gears and look at the health benefits of almond milk, which as we mentioned earlier is the main ingredient that you will need to prepare this latte.

High Amounts of Vitamin E

Almond is the main ingredient used to prepare this form of milk, and it is known to be a good source of Vitamin E. This far-soluble vitamin has an immense ability to protect your body cells from free radical damage. It also helps to promote skin and eye health. Other studies show that it reduces the risk of heart diseases.

One 240 ml of commercial almond milk is estimated to provide 110% of the DV vitamin E. This means that one cup is enough to meet your daily dietary requirement of this vitamin.

Low in Sugar

The regular table sugar is known to cause countless health problems such as obesity after use for a prolonged period of time. This is one of the primary reasons why parents are advised to not encourage their children to take high amounts of drinks that contain sweeteners and desserts.

Luckily, almond milk is purely plant based so it is devoid of the processed sugar. However, when shopping it is recommendable to o for the unsweetened almond milk as it contains the healthy natural sugar which is also found in fruits that you enjoy eating such as mangoes.

It is also important to note that 240 ml of chocolate-flavoured almond milk usually contains more than 21 grams of added sugar. Be sure to check the sugar content when shopping for this type of chocolate to be on the safe side.

Downsides of Almond Milk

The only justifiable downside of almond milk is that it contains a low amount of protein compared to the normal milk. One 240 ml cup of almond milk contains only 1 gram of protein while the same amount of soy milk contains 7-8 grams of proteins.

Note that protein is an essential nutrient that supports various important body functions such as bone structure, skin health, growth of muscles, and production of hormones and enzymes.

This is not a deal breaker though, you can ensure you meet your daily requirement of protein by including plant-based foods that contain high protein such as nuts, seeds, lentils, tempeh, hemp seeds, and beans.


Almond Latte is safe and has many health benefits as compared to other beverages that are prepared using artificial ingredients and processed sugar. Practice makes perfect, so take time to learn how to prepare it using a coffee machine and without one to become a professional.

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